AIHA Takes Ottawa to Talk Canada's Competitive Climate

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association was in Ottawa this week to generate dialogue and spread the message that Canada is experiencing a window of opportunity in advanced petrochemical manufacturing.  Critical to this time is our ability to compete in an ever-competitive investment attraction climate.  We believe that in order to attract “30 billion by 2030” Canada needs to work together at all levels of government to create a competitive investment climate.  This includes strategic pillars including a welcoming business environment, a competitive tax framework, investment attraction tools, an economy-enabling infrastructure, and a 21st century workforce.

A key takeaway from our dialogue in Ottawa is how essential petrochemicals are to Canadian life, to our economy, and in transitioning us to a lower carbon future. We shared this message with officials in Ottawa at our “Heart of Opportunity” reception held on October 2.

For more information on our policy recommendations to support a competitive investment climate, click here.