Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Is a Partner in Canada’s Energy Future

The world is looking for environmental leadership and Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is answering the call. We are the largest hydrocarbon processing region and one of the most established value-add manufacturing centres in Canada.

That makes our region a critical partner in Canada’s energy future, bolstered by some of the highest environmental standards in the world. Carbon capture and sequestration, emissions reduction, progressive energy technology that modernizes plastics production, and emerging energy solutions, such as hydrogen, are national priorities critical to redefining Canada’s economy.

Canada’s way of life is built on chemistry. The region’s ability to produce advanced chemistry products under robust environmental, social and governance conditions positions Canada as a shining example for the world, keeping families safe, food protected and our economy thriving.

The Road to Canada’s Economic Recovery Goes Through Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

Canada’s economic recovery from COVID-19 needs GOOD CHEMISTRY. With the country reeling from historic debt levels, including more than $231 billion in pandemic health and safety measures and emergency federal spending, Alberta’s chemistry and value-add manufacturing sectors are critical to ensuring Canada’s future viability.

Before COVID-19, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland was a key driver of Canada’s energy future and a critical piece of Canada’s economic engine. In Alberta alone, the chemistry sector contributes more than $16.2 billion to our economy.

The Association

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is one of the world’s most attractive locations for chemical, petrochemical, oil, and gas investment. It is also Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing region. The region’s 40+ companies, several being world scale, provide fuels, fertilizers, power, petrochemicals and more to provincial and global consumers.

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The Region

Over the past several decades, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland has grown into Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing region. Situated northeast of the capital city of Alberta, Edmonton, the region’s geographic footprint is 582 square kilometres (225 square miles). The Heartland is within Alberta’s Capital Region, the northernmost metropolitan area of Canada and home to over 1.1 million people.

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The Opportunity

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing center. Our unique region offers world class facilities that can produce global scale quantities, and are responsible for 43% of our national basic chemical manufacturing industry. Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is ideally located in the province of Alberta, offering attractive and extensive opportunities in multiple sectors.

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Our Advocacy

There is a petrochemical investment window open right now for North America. Alberta and Canada can be the location of choice for billions of dollars of investment in value-add energy facilities – if we work together at all levels of government to create a competitive investment climate. Alberta is poised to attract a potential $30 billion in new capital investments to Alberta’s Industrial Heartland by 2030. The opportunities for the rest of Alberta and Canada are even greater.

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